IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
31 August-3 September 2020 // London, UK

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit their original papers, as well as proposals for panels, tutorials, and workshops, in all areas of wireless communications, networks, services, and applications, included in the following Tracks:

Track 1: PHY & Fundamentals (paper submission)

  • Channel modelling and equalisation
  • Coded caching and wireless caching
  • Coding and modulation
  • Cognitive and green radio
  • Communications and radar coexistence
  • Cooperative communications
  • Deep learning based wireless transmission
  • Millimetre wave communications
  • Multicarrier techniques
  • Multi-user communications and interference mitigation
  • Optical wireless communications
  • Physical layer security
  • Propagation, antennas and beamforming
  • Signal processing for communications
  • Single-/multiuser MIMO and massive MIMO
  • UAV communications
  • Satellite communications
  • Ultra-wideband communications
  • Wireless information and power transfer


Track 2: Networking and MAC (paper submission)

  • Ad hoc, body area and wireless sensor networks
  • Adaptive and reconfigurable MACs
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning applied to wireless networks
  • Cellular networks (4G, 5G and beyond)
  • Cognitive radio and cooperative networks
  • Delay tolerant networks and MAC
  • Green wireless networks
  • Heterogeneous networks
  • Information-theoretic approaches to MAC designs
  • Internet of Things
  • Joint MAC and networking layer designs
  • Location management
  • MAC for low-power embedded networks
  • Network Function Virtualisation and Software Defined Networks
  • Network slicing
  • QoS/QoE-enabling MAC
  • Radio resource management, allocation, and scheduling
  • Satellite communications
  • Security issues
  • Self-organising networks
  • Small cell networks
  • Time-critical designs and ultra-reliable and low latency communications
  • Vehicular wireless networks, Vehicular-to-Everything (V2X) communications
  • Wireless multi-, broad- and geocasting
  • Wireline-wireless convergence
  • WLAN technologies


Track 3: Practical and Experimental Systems (paper submission)

  • 5G trials and experiments
  • Advanced wireless platforms and testbeds
  • Data driven network design and optimisation
  • Deployment insights from verticals
  • Network applications for test and production deployments
  • Network forensics, network instrumentation
  • Next Generation Internet
  • Plug-and-play deployments and experiments
  • Prototype implementation of wireless services
  • Satellite-based mobile access and backhaul
  • Systems implementation and emulation
  • Testbed networks




Track 4: Applications and Business (paper submission)

  • Adaptive content distribution in on-demand services
  • Agriculture and environmental monitoring
  • Autonomous driving solutions
  • Blockchain based services
  • Context and location-aware wireless services and applications
  • Critical communications and public safety
  • Digital health and wellbeing
  • Dynamic sensor networks for urban applications
  • Emerging business models and monetisation strategies
  • Enabling regulations, standards, spectrum management
  • Factory automation solutions
  • Fog/Cloud based services: distributed storage, computing
  • Hybrid licensed/unlicensed spectrum access schemes
  • Mobile & Wireless network support for vertical industries
  • Smart cities and smart grids
  • Technologies and enabling business model for rural communications
  • UAV networks
  • User-centric networks and adaptive services





















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