IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
31 August-3 September 2020 // Virtual Conference

Panel: Engineering Wireless Innovation in the UK (curated by the UK5G Innovation Network)


Moving research from the laboratory into the real world is challenging. Complex new technologies must be deployed at scale in a highly competitive global market and be cyber-secure. 5G technology and engineering is often irrelevant to consumers and enterprises who just want outcomes and results. In a world impacted by Covid the vital importance of telecommunications cannot be overstated. Symposia such as these necessarily focus on the engineering challenges, but it is important to remember the needs of social care, health, transportation, and, of course, the impact of the climate emergency. How does the engineering community rise to these challenges and deliver the real impact that society so badly needs?

In the UK a novel combination of large and small private companies, National & Regional Governments, Innovation agencies, Research Institutions and Universities have been delivering a substantial programme of 5G Innovation projects exploring the real world application of 5G technologies, with the purpose of moving use cases to business cases. The programme has been considered successful and is expanding substantially.

The collaborative innovation landscape within the UK offers an environment where businesses work together with Universities and Government agencies in an open way.
This panel will

  • Briefly cover the current 5G trial programmes in the UK.
  • Consider the key ingredients needed to accelerate business innovation in telecommunications.
  • Give an opportunity for new, exemplar UK companies to tell their experience of developing novel technologies and the role that the UK innovation eco-system played in their growth.

Panel Moderator

Ros Singleton
Advisory Board Chair, UK5G

Panel Members

Jessica Ellis
Head of Urban Connected Communities – 5G Testbeds & Trials Programme, DCMS

Vassilis Seferidis
CEO, Zetta Networks

Dritan Kaleshi
Head of Technology – 5G
Digital Catapult

Ramsey Faragher
Founder, Focal Point Positioning

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