IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
31 August-3 September 2020 // Virtual Conference

Panel: On the impact of Economics on the 6G technologies


Neuromorphic computing, Tactile Internet, pervasive Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR), telepresence, and first quantum computing deployments can be named as some of the new ingredients of the forthcoming 6G system. In addition, Terabit links will not be only the backbone of a network architecture, but will also be needed to enable data hungry applications at user level. Fascinating concepts (it is already predicted brain to mobile or brain to brain) and guaranteed user experience are so far beyond any currently available networks.

As the step towards 6G seems quite steep from the technology point of view, indeed economic aspects will even play a bigger role than in the just ended definition of the 5G system. Bigger leap forward in user experience and capabilities of a system imply huge investments.

How sustainable are such investments, in parallel to the ones needed to make 5G networks a reality not only in city centers but for a ubiquitous experience?

Do we need to have new or different stakeholders, in order to make the vision of 6G a commercial reality as well?

Is the assessment of new or better technologies ‘enough’ to have them deployed in the market or some other ingredients are to be added to the equation to make 6G a success for all the players in the ecosystem?

The panel will explore the above mentioned and some more aspects, defining the backstage of the 6G, investigating the subtle relationship between economics and technology.

Panel Organiser

Valerio Frascolla
Director of Research and Innovation at Intel, Germany.

Claudio Paoloni
Head of Engineering Department, Lancaster University, UK

Panel Members

Maziar Nekovee
Professor and Head of Centre for Advanced Communications, Mobile Technology and IOT, University of Sussex

Theodoros Rokkas
CTO for incites consulting, Luxembourg, Incites Consulting

George C. Polyzos
Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Computer Science, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

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