IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
31 August-3 September 2020 // Virtual Conference

Panel: The role of disaggregation in evolving 5G RAN architectures


5G radio access networks are still evolving. Significant enhancements include a move towards massive MIMO and wider spectrum bandwidths. In parallel, the whole RAN architecture is evolving to become densified, virtualised and disaggregated. Hence the RAN design is no longer just about the cell site and the backhaul, it now also includes fronthaul, midhaul, data centres (both cloud and edge). Many of these technology and architecture changes complement one another, however there are also many trade-offs.

The focus of this panel session will be to discuss the evolving 5G RAN design and to highlight where the main benefits are foreseen (or already experienced), what are the key trade-offs that can impact RAN design, and what are the main opportunities for us to steer the industry in the right direction.

Panel Organiser

Richard Mackenzie
Researcher, BT

Panel Members

Zahid Ghadialy
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Parallel Wireless

Andy Sutton
Principal Architect, BT

Anthony Magee
Senior Director, Global BD, ADVA

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