IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
31 August-3 September 2020 // Virtual Conference


Whova says I need an invitation code, or that my email address should be added on the attendee list by the organizers, what should I do?

Your access to Whova is associated with the primary email address you registered for the conference with. Please make sure you are accessing Whova using this email address.

Am I able to present my own slides?

Presenters or tutorial instructors are very much encouraged to share their own slides if they wish to – simply clicking on the share screen option in zoom (If you a presenter in a technical session the Conference champion/technical volunteer will give you screen sharing rights).

Can I message attendees to respond to a question to them directly?

  • On the left of the web-app click Messages and search for the attendee you wish to message (If doing this during a live session we suggest doing this in a separate tab or window as this will navigate away from the session).
  • On the phone/tablet app click messages at the bottom followed by the new message icon in the top right.

What is the difference between ‘Chat’ and ‘Q&A’ within Whova?

  • ‘Chat’ is a free-flowing discussion, it can be viewed by everyone.
  • ‘Q&A’ is a question posted that everyone can see, a series of responses can be posted, Session moderators and speakers can hide questions from view e.g. if not appropriate or a repeated question, or they can pin questions to the top if they think very appropriate, this is done using the speaker or moderation tool within the phone/tablet app.

Zoom is not available for recording presentations?

We suggest Zoom for you to create your presentation and we will accept any MP4 formatted video within the time and data-size limits. Most video conferencing platforms can be used to create such videos. The following link explains how this can be done with Google hang-outs Or on a Mac you can use Shift-Command-5 to Record your screen, opening power-point and a web-cam viewer will allow, ensuring you have selected your microphone as the audio input will allow you to record your presentation from your desktop.

I don’t have access to Whova

All those wishing to access the conference must have a valid registration for the conference. Please make sure your are logging in to Whova using the same email address that you registered with.

I’m a co-author of a paper, my co-author registered the paper and I want to present is this possible.

You can present paper, however you will also need to be registered as an attendee of the conference. It is one registration per-person and therefore you can-not attend on  your co-authors registration.

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