IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
31 August-3 September 2020 // Virtual Conference

W06: Workshop on UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond (UAV 5G & Beyond)


This workshop will focus on integrating UAVs into 5G-and-beyond cellular systems, to both unlock the full potential of UAVs and create new business opportunities for the cellular industry. This workshop will consider cellular-connected UAV communications, UAV-assisted terrestrial communications, and UAV-to-UAV communications, which are all complementary and have received significant interest from industry and academia.


Invited talks

“UAV-to-UAV Communications in Cellular Networks”
Adrian Garcia-Rodriguez, Nokia Bell Labs, Ireland

“The Next Steps towards a Connected Sky with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”
Xingqin Lin, Ericsson Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

“Tethered UAVs: Potential, Challenges, and Applications”
M. Slim Alouini, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Technical presentations

  • Energy Efficient Altitude Optimization of an Aerial Access PointNithin Babu; Konstantinos Ntougias; Constantinos B. Papadias; Petar Popovski
  • A Deep Learning Approach for LOS/NLOS Identification via PRACH in UAV-assisted Public Safety NetworksDavide Scazzoli; Maurizio Magarini; Luca Reggiani; Yannick Le Moullec; Mahtab Alam
  • Unmanned Aerial Base Stations for NB-IoT: Trajectory Design and Performance AnalysisSilvia Mignardi; Konstantin Mikhaylov; Valentina Cacchiani; Roberto Verdone; Chiara Buratti
  • Virtual Multiantenna Array for Estimating the DOA of a Transmitter in UAV-assisted NetworksJianqiao Cheng; Ke Guan; François Quitin
  • UAV Trajectory Design and Bandwidth Allocation for Coverage Maximization with Energy and Time ConstraintsXiaoye Jing; Christos Masouros


  • Giovanni Geraci, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain,
  • Lorenzo Galati Giordano, Nokia Bell Labs, Ireland,

Hosting Universities